I'm Xico Buny. Call me Buny if its hard to pronounce Xico.
I have over 20 years experience in professional photography and what I like most about my job is the challenge of each new project.
My pictures are shot mostly in studio and seen in advertising campaigns, editorial, creative shots and most recently in stop-motions and time-lapses.
My client list includes Brazilian and international brands and magazines.


Avon, Arezzo, AXE, Boticário, C&A, Camicado, Cosmopolitan, Dove, Dudalina, Ellus, Glamour, GQ, H.Stern, HighStill, Luz da Lua, Dufry, Natura, Renner, SAAD, Santa Lolla, Via Marte, Vogue, and Unilever among others.